Ball Valve

The opening and closing part of ball valve is a ball in the pass, wrapped by a PTFE seal ring. The valve can be opened and closed by rotating 90°. Ball valve can be used where the medium temperature is up to 200°C, operating pressures is up to 63 bar and can also be used in vacuum environments depending on the material choice. They are suitable for pure, inert or corrosive liquids, gases or vapors. Wide range of applications: distribution of processing media, water supply and processing, swimming pools, electroplating, etc. The main advantage of "full-hole" ball valves is that when they are open, the entire cross-section of the pipe is free, minimizing pressure loss and having high flow values. Therefore, ball valves are ideal for controlling high viscosity media. Compared with the two-piece ball valve, the consumable parts of the three-piece ball valve are easier to replace. Three-way ball valve with L or T-shaped valve ball can also be selected according to different working conditions.

Performance characteristics:

Surface finish up to 0.2μm

Low pressure loss

Good circulation

Avoid water hammer

Can withstand higher temperature and pressure

Wide range of applications

Index parameter:

operating temperature:-40℃~100℃(PTFE) -40℃~160℃(TFM)

environment temperature: -20℃~80℃


Control Type:Manual/electric

Seat material:PTFE

size: DN10~DN100