Angel Seat Valve

Angle seat valve is widely used in short-time frequent start-ups. They are sensitive and accurate in operation. They are used with solenoid valves to control inert or corrosive liquids, gases or vapors with pneumatic control.The angle seat valve has the advantages of no water hammer, no noise, and reliable sealing performance. The angle seat valve usually prevents the medium from flowing by gasket and sealing seat made of PTFE.Compared with the ordinary globe valve, the angle seat valve is lighter and more compact, the flow rate is higher. In the non-operating state of the pneumatic control angle seat valve, the valve is normally open or normally closed due to the action of the spring.When the actuator piston is acted upon by compressed air, the valve opens or closes, and the double acting valve relies on compressed air to control the switch.

Performance characteristics:

Surface finish up to 0.2μm

Avoid water hammer

Can withstand higher temperature and pressure

Multiple body connections: including threads, welds and clamp connections

Good flow characteristics due to the beveled design

Wide range of applications

Index parameter:

operating temperature:-20℃~180℃

environment temperature:-40℃~130℃


Control Type:Manual/Pneumatic

Seat material:PTFE

size: DN10~DN80