Diaphragm Valve

Diaphragm valve is by far the most thoroughly cleaned and sterilized valves, correctly installed diaphragm valve has the advantages of high flux and low residue and can be widely used in the control of pharmaceutical, beverage, food and chemical fluids

Diaphragm valve is a special form of cut-off valve. Its opening and closing part is a diaphragm made of soft material, which separates valve body cavity from the valve cover cavity and drive components. The media contact surface is small and there is little chance of product deposits, which means it is very clean. Diaphragm is bolted to the compression member. The compression member is moved up and down by the operation of the valve stem. When the compression member rises, the diaphragm lifts and causes a passage. When the compression member drops, the diaphragm presses on the valve body, valve closes. Diaphragm valve is well-known for its "zero dead space" feature. Clean diaphragm seal system makes it ideal for the food and beverage industry and biopharmaceutical industry. A variety of material choices also means that it is ideally suited to the conditions of corrosive, abrasive or high-viscosity media that are often found in industries such as chemical and environmental protection. It is also widely used in industrial water treatment industries such as simple process water supply for heating or cooling circuits, drinking water and ultrapure water for microelectronics or semiconductor production

Performance characteristics:

Can operate frequently

There is no contact at all between the mechanical operation part and the medium

Surface finish up to 0.2μm

Low pressure loss

Good flow adjusting characteristics

Due to the sealing structure, it does not have a dead space

Index parameter:

operating temperature:-20℃~150℃

environment temperature:-40℃~130℃


Control Type:Manual/Pneumatic

diaphragm material:new PTFE+EPDM

life:>250000 times/25℃

size: DN8~DN100