RotAdler B

A glove made of Bromobutyl-Rubber (BIIR)

The RotAdler B is a glove made of Bromobutyl-Rubber (BIIR). It is an excellent glove for use when working with ketones, acids, esters and amines and has a great advantage due to its high gas impermeability.
Butyl provides good flexibility and a good sense of grip, even at low temperatures. Its good temperature resistance also enables use under adverse climate conditions. The special glove has good electrica electrical conductivity<108 Ω.


temperature range: from –40°C to +90°C

highly impermeable to steam and gases

high resistance against a variety of toxic substances

flexible also at low temperatures

ESD protection: electrical conductivity < 108 Ω, therefore no electrostatic charging (if connected with ground terminal)

no adherence of powdery substances through antistatic charging


In accordance with DIN EN 374-3:2003

Testing Chemicals Protection Index

A Methanol 6 (> 480 min)

B Acetone 5 (> 240 min)

K Sodium Hydroxide 40 % 6 (> 480 min)


In accordance with DIN EN 388:2003

Abrasion resistance Degree of protection 2

Cut resistance Degree of protection 1

Tear resistance Degree of protection 1

Puncture resistance Degree of protection 0