Semicon Industry

Plastic Diaphragm Valve

Can operate frequently

There is no contact at all between the mechanical operation part and the medium

Low pressure loss

Good flow adjusting characteristics

Due to the sealing structure, it does not have a dead space

Ball Valve

Surface finish up to 0.2μm

Low pressure loss

Good circulation

Can withstand higher temperature and pressure

Wide range of applications


Excellent creep resistance and pressure resistance

Excellent thermo-mechanical properties

Excellent bending life

Dense structure, smooth surface

Long service life


Temperature range:-20~130℃

Repeated autoclaving does not make the glove sticky or affect the anti-permeability

resistant against hydrogen peroxide solutions and against most common disinfecting chemicals

Good UV resistance and weather resistance

Halogen free, incinerated

Excellent flexibility, excellent touch

Conductivity < 106 Ω, does not accumulate static electricity (need to be grounded)

low permanent deformation

With the increase of the internal pressure, it can quickly reach the "tight point", which is suitable for the glove airtightness tester